Von Viva’s team bring decades of experience, and a track record of cutting-edge innovation. Our premium modular and oversized mattress are a striking contrast to mass-produced mattresses on the market, allowing for easy customization for different sleepers in the same bed, flexible sizing, and different support needs. Our customers include both residential and commercial buyers all over North America.

Our Process: 6 Steps to a Perfect Sleep


Learn about the mattress that best suits your preferences and budget. Click to learn more about our mattresses in general, or zero in on the variety in which you’re already interested, such as pocket coil mattresses, hybrid mattresses, organic latex mattresses or oversized mattresses. If you need guidance, give us a call or try the “live chat” window.


Order your mattress. We receive your order and send you a short questionnaire about your sleep habits. This helps to tailor the firmness on each side and along the sleeper(s) body length in the best possible manner.


One of our Mattress Consultants will then call you to go over comfort and support recommendations. They will answer any questions you have, and can make any changes to your order at this time, including size, firmness, or texture options, or even cancel your order if you change your mind. Our main objective is to ensure your order is exactly right for you.


We get your mattress into production in our shop. It takes 2 – 4 weeks to build your mattress and 6 – 12 days to ship to you. Local customers are welcome to pick up their mattresses in person if they prefer.


We firmly wrap and pack our mattresses into layers of cardboard and fabric, within easily transportable standard sizes. We include simple instructions with each mattress and label each component so you can assemble them within about 15 minutes. No tools are required.


If the mattress has any issues, simply contact us and we can discuss reconfiguring or replacing any section of the mattress that may need adjusting.

When we went to other stores, they just want to move inventory, they just want to sell you what’s on their floor, even though it may not be what you need or want. Von Viva is focused on building you what you need.
W. Riley, Customer

Mission and Values

Too often, mattress suppliers give standardized options to non-standard sleep issues, or pressure people to buy stocked mattresses that cannot be flipped or maintained, and thus have a short lifespan.

At Von Viva, our mission is to provide a mattress that is built exactly to your needs, at a level of quality that can be maintained for a lifetime of use.

  • Accommodate Both Sleepers. Giving one person a good sleep is not good enough if two people are sleeping on a given mattress; it results in insomnia for both (and potentially relationship issues!). We believe both sleepers deserve to have quality sleep, and our mattress engineering ensures this is easily possible.
  • Direct from the Makers. Although our products are of premium quality, we make prices reasonable by shipping directly from our fabrication facility. This helps consumers pay similar pricing for our custom-made, premium mattresses vs. mass-produced mattresses in standard sizes.
  • Lifetime Customers. Our mattresses are made to be kept not just 5 – 10 years, but used and refurbished for a lifetime. That means we ensure the stitching, zipper enclosures and materials are all of the very best quality. We also support our customers by sending “time to flip” reminders for ongoing comfort and maintenance.
  • Hassle-free Adjustments. Mattress components are easy and inexpensive to replace; we are happy to swap them or replace them over periods of use, or if the bed is not quite right when you first begin using it. This makes a Von Viva mattress a very good investment, with very low risk.
  • Reduce Waste. Most mattresses will only wear out in one or two places. Why throw away the good components with the worn ones? We expect our products to last a lifetime, and make replacing components fast, affordable and efficient.
  • Inform the customer. We want you to understand your mattress’ construction – to be fully confident in the materials used and the construction.
  • Carefully assess your sleep habits. We always hope that you will become a lifetime customer, so we take the time to learn what your sleep needs really are. The more we learn, the better mattress solution we can give.
  • No sales pressure. Our salespeople are non-commissioned; they are essentially mattress consultants who are looking to tailor the product to you, not trying to get rid of stock on the floor, because we in fact do not sell stock products.
  • Custom built, but not slowly. Using a custom manufacturing setup doesn’t mean we are not prompt and efficient. We use the most modern technology to save time, achieve consistency and reduce costs.
  • Quality materials, well-purchased. The average customer may not be aware that there are various grades of foams. In fact, mass-producers standardized mattresses do not use real latex foam, opting instead for memory foam, a lower-quality substitute. Although we do not produce mattresses in large volumes, we are one of the largest buyers of real latex, meaning we are price competitive with a better-quality product.
  • We think like a service, not a product business. Although we’re selling goods, we see each customer as receiving an experience. We always start with the customers’ needs, and then tailor to that, rather than persuading them to buy what we’ve already produced. Each product is made to order.