What is an Alberta King Mattress?

Benefits of King size and Oversized Mattresses If a standard sized mattress leaves you feeling cramped then it may be time to invest in king size or oversized! These deliver additional comfort by providing lots of room to stretch out, and offer additional space between you and your partner if either is prone to tossing [...]


Modular Mattresses: Designed for a Lifetime

What is a Modular Mattress? Having been in the mattress business for over 40 years, we hear many recurring issues raised by consumers: “I need a firm mattress, but my partner needs it soft.”, “What if I need it firm at the hips, but soft at the shoulders?” or “Why do our mattresses always wear [...]


Does A Mattress Need a Box Spring?

The box spring’s job is to provide support to the mattress and enhance the life of the mattress, while the mattress provides support to the human body. While box springs are not entirely necessary, they will give your bed a better appearance and enhance the life of your mattress. A box spring provides support to [...]


Where Do I Find Oversized Alaskan King, Wyoming King or Family Beds?

You’ve heard about them, but have you ever seen an oversized mattress? They do exist – and in fact we make them here at Von Viva, where there is one on display right in our showroom. For the past decade, we’ve seen a growing trend of customers wanting even larger oversize mattresses. Why is the [...]


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