Does A Mattress Need a Box Spring?

The box spring’s job is to provide support to the mattress and enhance the life of the mattress, while the mattress provides support to the human body. While box springs are not entirely necessary, they will give your bed a better appearance and enhance the life of your mattress.

A box spring provides support to a mattress. It is made with a wooden frame and either springs or metal rods. In a complete bed set, box springs are typically placed on top of a wooden or metal bed frame that is connected to the headboard and foot board. Some people also use a mattress and box spring together without needing the complete bed, especially if the box spring comes with its own set of legs.

At Von Viva Mattresses, we are flexible with customers choose to keep and re-use their existing box springs, or purchase a support foundation from us. The foundations we offer include solid wood legs in various lengths.

Shown: Box Spring used as a Foundation – legs are removable if you aleeady have a bed frame.

Different types of box springs

Box springs vary in height. Low profile box springs (5 – 5.5 inches) are shorter, while standard box springs (9 inches) are taller but provide the same amount of support. The difference in height between the two is only aesthetic; most people choose whatever looks best with their bedroom set, or headboard selection. Whether you lay your mattress on top of a standard or low-profile box spring, you can count on it providing sufficient support.

As you will see on our accessories page, we offer a standard foundation, which is essentially a box spring with removable legs, so it can be used as a foundation or a box spring on top of your existing bed frame.

Having a good solid foundation will help ensure your mattress has the support it needs to give you the best night’s rest. Through our affiliated retailer, Sleep Boutique, we offer six different styles of foundations and can customize the depth on low profile box springs down to as low as two inches.