Von Viva: A Trusted Brand in Premium Custom Mattresses

For over 40 years, Von Viva has created premium, customizable mattresses. This means that the feel and firmness of our mattresses can be varied on the left and right sides for two different sleepers, but also that the mattress will last a lifetime, since the individual components are easily replaceable.

Our mattresses have a tremendous range of options, and while makes them amazing, we know this can also be confusing!  If you would like to chat to one of our Sleep Consultants to find what’s right for you, please call , use the live chat window, or visit our “Learn” page for an easy overview before you buy.

We categorize our mattresses into four main groups:

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made with layers of high-resiliency foam or organic latex, and are modular in nature, meaning each section can easily be customized for firmness and texture preferences. Our hybrid mattresses accommodate a wide range of sleepers’ preferences, and can be tailored to multiple sleepers within a single mattress. Visit our Hybrid Mattresses page to learn more.

Pocket Coil Mattresses

Pocket coil mattresses contain high quality springs, known as pocket coils. These mattresses can also accommodate two different sleepers’ preferences on either side of the bed, and the components are also replaceable. Visit our Pocket Coil page to learn more.

Organic Latex Mattresses

Von Viva produces mattresses that are fully organic – using natural GOTS grade cotton, Joma Wool, and either organic Dunlop or organic Talalay Latex, depending on the preference; Dunlop is generally more dense, whereas Talalay feels spongier and more breathable. Visit our Organic Latex page to learn more.

Oversized Mattresses

Von Viva also produces exquisite, built-to-order oversized mattresses in several varieties, including Wyoming Kings, Alaskan Kings and Family Beds. Some of our models contain pocket coils, and other are simply layers upon layers of luxurious natural latex and wool. Visit our oversized page to learn more.

The following chart shows an overview and comparison of our entire line of Von Viva brand mattresses: