Von Viva: The world’s most customizable mattress.


For over 40 years, Von Viva has meticulously crafted cutting-edge, modular mattresses.

Our approach is simple: 1) We personally consult you to understand your sleep needs. 2) We design and build a mattress just for you. 3) We ship it directly to you, anywhere in North America.

Von Viva’s mattresses are modular, meaning they come in removable sections that can each be tailored for firmness. This means you never have to fully replace the entire mattress, assuring you a perfect sleep, for the rest of your life.

Our Mattress Collection

The following is a simple overview, but please contact us if you would like any assistance.

Von Viva Product Line Comparison Graph

There are three main varieties of Von Viva mattresses: HybridPocket Coil and Organic.

  1. Hybrid (blue in the above diagram) – Hybrids use no springs, and are very resilient to motion transfer.
    • Von Moda – A simple, modular hybrid, allowing customized firmness for two different sleepers on one mattress.
    • Von Jasmine – Features a double top layer, allowing even more nuanced preferences for two sleepers on one mattress.
    • Von Orchid – Our most customizable mattress, allowing highly nuanced firmness for each sleeper on right and left, and within the neck, back and hip zones. 
  2. Pocket Coil (orange in the diagram) – If you prefer the support of pocket coils, we have two exquisite options:
    • Von Duchess – This model features extra long (9”) pocket coil springs; excellent support for curvier bodies.
    • Von Empress – Features more stable pocket coils to ensure less motion transfer between sleepers. Available in a fully organic materials.
  3. Organic (green in the diagram) – Our  Von Organa contains no springs, and the finest natural materials such as organic Talalay or Dunlop Latex, Joma Wool, and Organic GOTS cotton. Alternately, the Von Empress is a pocket coil that can be made with all-organic materials.

Choosing Your Von Viva Mattress

The following questions may help you select a model; but we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Do you or your partner have pain issues, or distinctly different firmness preferences?

Von Orchid, a specialized hybrid, allows the most tailoring around pain and support zones. Not only does the Von Orchid allow different firmness preferences on the right and left sides of the bed, (so you and your partner each get your own preferred firmness), it also allows zoned firmness for each sleeper’s shoulder, back and hip regions.

Is your partner’s motion in bed disturbing your sleep?

Any hybrid mattress such as Von Moda, Von Jasmine or Von Orchid, is a wise choice. Hybrids contain no springs and therefore minimize motion transfer. The Von Orchid allows the most tailoring of firmness for each sleeper.  Or if you prefer the feel of a pocket coil mattress, the Von Empress‘s premium quality pocket coils are engineered for maximum stability, creating less motion transfer than other pocket coil mattresses on the market.

Do you have allergies or sensitivities to typical mattress materials?

You will love our Von Organa, which is made will incredible all-natural materials. If you prefer the feel of a pocket coil, we also offer the Von Empress with all organic materials (Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex).

Is heat an issue that affects your sleep?

Any mattress can be made with more natural (organic) materials to facilitate a cooler sleep. We recommend avoiding Memory Foam, as its dense molecular structure allows little breathability. All our mattresses can be made with or without Memory Foam.

Do you prefer a bit of bounce feel to your mattress? 

Choose a pocket coil, such as Von Duchess or Von Empress.  If you like a high mattress and more compression (this can be nice for curvier people), go with a Von Duchess. If motion is an issue, choose a Von Empress, as the springs are lower and more stable.

Do you require an oversized or irregular size mattress?

View our Oversized Von Epica Collection to see if your desired size exists there. If not, we can also build mattresses to custom sizes; simply contact us to request a quote.