Mattress Components

Would you like to know exactly what kinds of materials go into the mattress you are sleeping with each night? At Von Viva, we build modular mattresses using individual, easily replaceable components. The reason is that as a certain portion of the mattress wears over time, these components can be flipped, rotated, or replaced, so that your mattress is refurbished for a lifetime of use.   

Our replaceable mattress components literally include the entire mattress: the outside cover, top layers, core support layers, base layers, and for spring mattresses, the pocket coils. This means you can gradually replace the mattress and keep it as a lifetime investment in your ideal sleep.  What’s more, if your needs change (e.g. you develop a back issue), you can change your desired firmness to keep the support ideal throughout your life.

Pricing of all components includes shipping across North America.

The following video explains how our modular components work. Please contact us if you are uncertain of which components you need, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.