Von Viva: The world’s most customizable organic and latex mattresses

For over 40 years, Von Viva has meticulously crafted organic and/or latex mattresses with our own unique modular construction, meaning we can give you more customization than any other mattress maker. We sell, support and ship our products directly to wonderful customers like you, all over North America.



Key Advantages of Organic and Latex Modular Mattresses

  • As you will see when you purchase, and regardless of the mattress you choose, all mattress materials and components are fully disclosed to you.  You can choose not only the topper layer, but all the internal components. So if you need to maximize hypo-allergenic and natural materials, we ensure this is the case. 
  • Our mattress are modular, so you can easily zip them open, and verify that you received precisely what you purchase.  They zip closed just as easily.
  • Modularity allows us to accommodate a broad range of luxurious and organic materials: Rich Organic Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex, Joma Wool, Organic GOTS Cotton. This facilitates adjusting for heat, texture and softness for multiple sleepers.
  • Mattresses can be tailored for two sleepers at once, in one mattress; for example, firm on the left side, soft on the right – while actually maintaining a completely seamless feel (no crevice or crack) from the top.
  • Some modular mattresses, like our Von Orchid (which can be built with almost all organic components),  also allow different preferences vertically, along the length of the body, i.e. soft in the shoulder region, and medium in the hip region.
  • Because they are modular, the mattresses contain components that can be flipped and rotated to help maintain their longevity.
  • We accommodate any size; including massive Alaskan Kings or Family beds.  Visit our oversized page for more information.
  • Your purchase includes a personal phone consultation (or video call if you prefer) with one of  Von Viva’s Mattress Consultants, to ensure your sleep preferences are understood before your mattress construction begins.

Modular mattresses allow for easy component replacement (visit our components page).  This means that with occasional refurbishment, your mattress can provide a lifetime of perfect sleep.

6 Steps to a Perfect Organic Latex Mattress Experience

  1. If you haven’t done so already, visit our Learn section to understand which mattress is best for you, or contact us to talk to one of our staff personally. We answer all calls with a full-time staff member, based here at our shop, who thoroughly knows our product line.
  2. Visit our online shop to order the mattress that can best accommodate your sleep needs. When you place your order, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire concerning how you and your partner sleep, and any pain points or allergies you may have. Please fill it in and send it back to us.
  3. We will then call you to review your questionnaire responses and confirm our understanding of your sleep needs.  If you like, we can also send you a complete list of the materials to be used in your mattress.
  4. In 2 – 4 weeks, Von Viva carefully constructs your mattress according to the agreed specifications. When complete, we’ll let you know it is shipping. Shipping takes 6 – 12 days, depending on your location, and goes right to your home.
  5. Your mattress arrives!  Once opened, simply arrange the soft component segments within the zippered mattress cover, following our simple instructions. When done, zip it up securely. The process takes 10 – 15 minutes, and no tools (or great human strength!) are necessary.
  6. Relax and enjoy a beautiful, natural sleep. Feel free to send us a review or any feedback you have. If anything does not feel quite right about your mattress, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Shipping:  Shipping is included in our pricing, with allowances to most North American destinations. We firmly pack our mattresses into layers of heavy cardboard and fabric to ensure pristine delivery.  Our modular mattresses quickly disassemble and reassemble, making them easy to move through doorways and ship safely.  For more shipping information click here.

Warranty: Have you ever wanted to return a mattress?  Logistics can be nearly impossible indeed. That’s why at Von Viva, we offer replacement components, at far less than the cost of an entire mattress. While hybrid mattresses will typically last 8 – 15 years without refurbishment, we offer components for purchase at reasonable prices that also include shipping.  For more about our warranty, please click here.