Oversized Mattresses

If you are seeking the ultimate oversized mattress experience, you have found the right place.  Von Viva Mattresses, founded in 1976, meticulously designs and builds premium oversized mattresses that are shipped straight from our workshop to your door– with no warehousing or retail middlemen in between.

Von Viva’s oversized mattresses come in several varieties. The following chart is an overview of our entire oversized line, comparing features and options.

With our industry-leading luxury modular design, we accommodate a wider range of sleepers’ needs than any other mattress made:

Advantages of our Oversized Mattresses:

  • Your mattress can be designed for two (or more) sleepers instead of one; for example, firm on the left side, medium on the right – with a completely seamless experience at the surface.
  • Certain mattresses (such as our Denali) also allow different preferences along the vertical length of the body; such as soft in the shoulder region, and medium-soft in the hips.  And yes, this is customizable for each sleeper.
  • Mattress components can be flipped and rotated for superior longevity.
  • You can choose from the finest materials: Rich Natural Talalay Latex, Organic Dunlop Latex, Blended Talalay, Joma Wool, Organic GOTS Cotton, as well as the finest quality plush-synthetics.  This allows adjusting for heat, texture and softness throughout.  
  • Mattresses can be made in any size; including oversize and irregular lengths.
  • We include a personal phone consultation with each mattress, in order to tailor it to your specific sleep preferences.
  • Individual segments can be easily replaced over time as they wear (see our components page), so your luxurious oversized mattress can ultimately be a lifetime product.
  • Because our oversized mattresses quickly disassemble and reassemble without tools (nor great strength), they can easily be moved through doorways, or around corners and stairs. Disassembly and reassembly causes absolutely no damage to the mattress.

Mattress Sizing Chart

Unsure about which size you require? Here is a chart comparing mattress sizing, from irregular to oversized mattresses such as Alaskan Kings, Wyoming Kings and Family Beds:

Von Viva’s Process: 6 Steps to Enjoying “the Rest of your Life”

  1. Scroll below and narrow down the mattress model that best suits your preferences.  Feel free to call us or email first if you are not certain which mattress will suit you best.
  2. When we receive your order, we’ll send you a questionnaire about your sleep needs. Reply to us with your answers.
  3. One of our Mattress Consultants will then call you to review your questionnaire responses ensure your order is exactly right for you.
  4. We build your mattress (2 – 4 weeks) and securely ship it (6 – 12 days) to you.
  5. When you receive your mattress, you’ll simply unpack it, layer the sections using simple instructions, and zip it together.
  6. Sleep and enjoy!  If you like, drop us a note or review. If you need any changes, contact us any time.

Shipping:  We offer free shipping across North America, based on typical shipping allowances. We firmly wrap and pack our mattresses into layers of durable cardboard and fabric, to ensure safe delivery.  Our modular mattresses quickly disassemble and reassemble, making them easy to move through doorways and ship safely.  For more shipping information click here.

Warranty: Have you ever tried to return a mattress purchased from out of town?  It is nearly impossible to pack and ship. That’s why at Von Viva, we offer replacement components instead, at far less than the cost of an entire mattress. While our premium quality mattresses will typically last 8 – 15 years without refurbishment, we offer components here that also include shipping fees.  For more details on our warranty, please click here.