Modular Mattresses: Designed for a Lifetime

What is a Modular Mattress?

Having been in the mattress business for over 40 years, we hear many recurring issues raised by consumers: “I need a firm mattress, but my partner needs it soft.”, “What if I need it firm at the hips, but soft at the shoulders?” or “Why do our mattresses always wear out in the same spot?”

Trying to find a solution for such varied issues is precisely why we designed and developed a “modular” mattress. This means the mattress is constructed with removable layers and segments, crafted from a wide range of materials. A structured, tight-fitting zip-up cover and single-section top layer ensures that the mattress feels completely seamless at the surface, while the segments below are placed according to the sleepers’ support needs.

Benefits of Modular Mattresses

There are several important advantages of modular mattresses:

  • Varied support along the body. The individual segments, which vary in density and firmness, allow for adjusting support vertically along the body (e.g. Neck, back or hip regions). This allows the mattress to give ideal suitability to any pre-existing pain or back issues.
  • Varied support for each sleeper. The modular mattress can also vary laterally for different sleepers in the same bed. The support sections for one sleeper are entirely separate from another, so each sleeper gets his or her ideal feel. (Yes, that might just be a marriage saver!)
  • XXXXL Mattress, anyone? Another benefit of modular mattresses is that they can be made in literally any unusual size; and because they dis-assemble in sections, they are also easy to move and ship. This is why we sell many oversized mattresses and family beds.
  • Lifetime of Use. Components can be purchased at a much lower cost than replacing the entire mattress. Each component can also be flipped and rotated to maintain its life, making the modular mattress the most sustainable mattress on the market, designed for a lifetime of use..

Why aren’t all mattresses made in a modular configuration?

While we believe all mattresses should be made in with sustainability and flexibility in mind, there isn’t necessarily a good business case for mass manufacturers to do the same.

What if, when cars broke down, you could only replace the entire car, not fix it? The manufacturers would sell a lot of cars. We think it takes a shift in philosophy to being willing to service the products sold, and gain long-term customers instead of short-term ones.

In addition to a different philosophy, modular mattresses require different business processes because:

  • They take longer to manufacture
  • They cost more to manufacture
  • Retail salespeople require better training
  • Consumers will likely buy a smaller cost-item (a component) in the future
  • Components need to be stocked and available

From our point of view, we do believe there are customers out there who place a higher value on the quality of their sleep, who care about sustainability and who like the idea of having a maintainable, lifetime product. These are our ideal customers.

So, although our modular design is strikingly different than mass-produced mattresses currently available, and it may cost a little more, we are certain that our buyers will be satisfied with the product. And even if they aren’t 100% pleased with the product at first rest, it is a matter of replacing a single component, not an entirely new mattress. It comes down to peace of mind: if it isn’t quite right, if sleep needs change, or if a component eventually wears out, we can easily and inexpensively adapt.

A Lifetime Relationship

Having a product intended for a lifetime of use means we can, and do, treat our customers as lifetime customers. We hope you’ll consider our amazing modular mattresses – designed for “the rest of your life.”