Returns, Exchanges, Damages

We’ve been delivering on the promise of a perfect sleep for over 40 years, and we’re completely confident in our service and our products. If you’re not sleeping better after the first 120 days on one of our built-to-order, standard sized mattresses, we’ll provide replacement components at the cost of only the materials and shipping.

Because of the nature of our modular mattresses, making adjustments rarely requires replacing more than a single component.

Note: New deliveries should be inspected before drop off, and any outside damage should be documented and reported to the delivery company before they leave. If any mattress is damaged in shipping, we will work with you to find the right solution; whether it be replacing the damaged component or providing a refund.

Due to COVID-19 and sanitary reasons, we cannot take back any mattress or bedding products.


While most mattress companies offer warranties, and then find ways to avoid fulfilling them, Von Viva’s modular mattresses enable easy component replacements, meaning there is no need for us to offer a warranty.

Why? Shipping whole mattresses across the country for warranty replacement is not realistic for the average buyer because they are very difficult to pack. But purchasing new components is easy. While we can’t predict when components will wear, our topper components will generally have to be replaced after 8-12 years, support core components are likely 10-15 years and lower spring units would be 20 plus years. Please view the pricing of replacement components in our online shop; we can assist you in identifying which components your mattress needs. There is no need to ship back your old ones, we’ll send you your new component; we’ve kept our component prices very reasonable, and they also include shipping fees.

Other Recommendations

  • To lengthen the life of your mattress, it should be flipped and rotated 4-8 times per year. The more often you flip, the better the longevity.
  • Please ensure that you use a good foundation along with the proper bed frame. Metal Bed Frames should have at least 3 support bars, with one in the middle. Queens, Doubles and Singles should have a minimum 6 legs, while Kings should have 8 legs. Wood Slat Foundations should have slats with maximum 4-inch gaps and should have centre support.