Von Viva 101: About the world’s most customizable mattresses

Our customizable mattresses come in three main types: Hybrid, Pocket Coil and Organic.

Hybrids do not have springs, just layers of compressible material (foams, latex). Pocket coils use a variety of high-quality springs in varying tensions. Organic are all natural materials, and also do not use springs. All our mattresses are modular, so they are built in easily removable and replaceable sections that can be customized throughout the mattress.

How to Choose a Mattress: Decision Factors

All our mattresses come in 8 or more levels of firmness (or 16 if you consider that we tailor firmness on each side of the bed!) , and can be made with a variety of premium-quality materials.

  • Do you or your partner have pain issues, or distinctly different firmness needs?
    • Von Orchid, a specialized hybrid, allows the most tailoring around pain and support zones; not only does it allow different firmness preferences on the right and left sides of the bed, (so you and your partner each get your own preferred firmness), it also allows tailoring for each sleeper’s shoulder, back and hip regions.
  • Is your partner’s motion in bed disturbing your sleep?
    • Any hybrid is a wise choice (Von Moda, Von Jasmine or Von Orchid, in order of price and flexibility).  The Von Orchid allows the most tailoring of firmness for each sleeper.  Or if you prefer a pocket coil, go with a Von Empress.
  • Do you have allergies or sensitivity to typical mattress materials?
    • You will love our Von Organa, which is made will incredible all natural materials. If you prefer the feel of a pocket coil, we also offer the Von Empress with all organic materials (Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex).
  • Is heat an issue that affects your sleep?
    • Any mattress can be made with more natural (organic) materials to facilitate a cooler sleep. We recommend avoiding memory foam when heat is an issue as its structure allows little breathability. All our mattresses can be made with or without memory foam.
  • Do you prefer a bit of bounce feel to your mattress? 
    • Choose a pocket coil, such as Von Duchess or Von Empress.  If you like a high mattress and more compression (this can be nice for curvier people), go with a Von Duchess. If motion is an issue, choose a Von Empress, as the springs are lower and more stable.

Our Mattress Models

When deciding upon one of our 6 main mattress models, there two main factors to consider: 1) the type of materials used and 2) the degree of customization (determined by the number of components in the mattress). Keep in mind that our mattresses are a lifetime product, meaning components can easily be replaced, so you never have to fully replace the entire mattress. This gives superior long-term value to any other mattress on the market. And of course, a far better sleep.

As mentioned above, our models are of 3 main types: Hybrid, Pocket Coil and Organic.

  1. Hybrid (blue in the diagram) – Hybrids use no springs, only using combinations of high-resiliency foams and or latexes. This makes hybrids very resilient to motion transfer. They can also fully disassemble and reassemble easily for moving and customization adjustments. We have 3 luxurious hybrid models, all of which offer supreme quality:
    • Von Moda – Our simplest hybrid, but still allows tailored firmness for two different sleepers (right side and left side of mattress). The oversized version of this mattress is called the Von Epica Rundle.
    • Von Jasmine – This has a double top layer, for more nuanced firmness selections for each sleeper on right and left sides. The oversized version of this mattress is called the Von Epica Kona.
    • Von Orchid – Our most customizable mattress, which allows very nuanced firmness for each sleeper on right and left, but also along the body as there are individual sections for neck, back and hip regions that can be adjusted for firmness as well.  If pain is an issue for one ore more sleepers, this mattress is the answer. The oversized version of this mattress is called the Von Denali.
  2. Pocket Coil (orange in the diagram) – If you are accustomed to the subtly springy feel of pocket coils, we have two exquisite options:
    • Von Duchess – This model features long (9”) pocket coil springs, which makes the mattress feel quite lively (more bounce) and higher. This also gives excellent support for curvier bodies.
    • Von Empress – This model uses a combination of variable coil springs that can be tailored for feel, and have less motion transfer.  The Von Empress can also be constructed with luxurious organic materials, and we have recently started building these mattresses in oversized dimensions.
  3. Organic (green in the diagram) – Our main all-organic is the Von Organa.  It contains no springs, and all organic materials, so effectively it is like a specialized hybrid.  Alternately, if you want an organic mattress but prefer the feel of a pocket coil, the Von Empress can be constructed with all organic materials surrounding the pocket coils.