What is an Alberta King Mattress?

Benefits of King size and Oversized Mattresses

Benefits of King size and Oversized Mattresses

If a standard sized mattress leaves you feeling cramped then it may be time to invest in king size or oversized! These deliver additional comfort by providing lots of room to stretch out, and offer additional space between you and your partner if either is prone to tossing and turning. Investing in an oversized mattress also comes with the benefit of being able to accommodate many sleepers!

On top of this, nothing says luxury like king-size or oversized. If you’d like a showpiece to accommodate your high-end lifestyle then an extra-large mattress helps to speak volumes on your sense of taste.

You may be wondering what king mattress size best suits your needs? While the concept of king size and oversized is generally understood, most people don’t know that there are many options that exist within these mattress types.

Knowing all of the benefits you may be inclined to purchase the biggest and most luxurious mattress you can find! However, things like the size of your bedroom and cost-effectiveness are factors that should be considered. Many people desire the comfort and luxury of an oversized mattress but have difficulty discovering an option that will accommodate their desires as well as being functional.

That’s where the Alberta King Size mattress comes into play!

Alberta King Size Mattress

What is an Alberta King Size Mattress?

For those seeking ultimate comfort, the Von Viva Alberta King mattress is the Goldilocks of comfort and size. When it comes to sizing, the mammoth 9’ X 9” Alaskan king bed is often seen as too large — then again, the 7’ X 7’ Wyoming king could be too small! Comfort seekers needed something in between. That’s why, here at Sleep Boutique, we wanted to bridge the gap and create the perfect oversized mattress option.

In 2018, we believed there was a niche market for oversized king mattresses so we set out to design some exceptional models for customers seeking more spacious options. We aren’t sure who invented the Wyoming and Alaskan king mattresses, but when it comes to the Alberta king we can give you our backstory!

In our research, we discovered that there were Texas Kings (98” X 80”), Wyoming Kings (7’ X 7’), and Alaskan Kings (9’ X 9’). However, we couldn’t find a mattress whose sizing fell in between the latter (8’ X 8’). So, we invented our own!

When it came to brainstorming the perfect name, the location was clearly an ongoing theme. As our facility is based in Calgary, Alberta, and since geographically we sit between Alaska and Wyoming, the Alberta King was a clear choice. We also took into account our unique 8’ X 8’ sizing which we view as the Goldilocks of oversized king mattresses.

We found it interesting to note that as you travel north the style of oversized king mattresses gradually grows in size the further north you go. This might be because people desire a greater sense of comfort and room during the long northern winter months.

Here at Sleep Boutique, the home of Von Viva Mattresses, we have been manufacturing and designing custom mattresses for over 40 years. No matter which size you choose, having an oversized mattress can complement your lifestyle, and we’re always ready and willing to help you discover the right fit. Whether that be a Texas, a Wyoming, an Alaskan, or an Alberta King, we have the perfect size to suit your needs.

Our Custom Modular Design

Why purchase a Von Viva Alberta King size mattress from Sleep Boutique? Not only do we provide one of the most unique sizing options for oversized beds, but all of our mattresses are custom made and modular in design.

At Sleep Boutique we specialize in crafting modular mattresses designed specifically to your sleep needs. This gives you the ability to customize on both sides of the bed, allowing both you and your bedmate to determine the level of comfort and firmness that works best for each of you.

Whether you visit our Calgary showroom in person or online, our associates will work with you to determine your sleep pain points. We will then manufacture your one of a kind mattress made specifically to help alleviate any sleeping issues you may have.

Delivery of an Alberta King

We deliver all across Canada as well as the U.S.A ensuring every package comes with clear and simple instructions on how to assemble your new Von Viva Alberta King size mattress. A pre-assembled mattress can be incredibly difficult to navigate through narrow doorways or up stairs. An added benefit to a modular Alberta King is that all components can be delivered in a disassembled format. This makes it much easier to ship, move throughout your home, and assemble overall!

Comfort for Life!

When you make an investment into your new Von Viva Alberta King you want to be guaranteed that it will last you for many years to come. Since every element in our modular design is flippable, rotatable, and replaceable you have the ability to continually customize your mattress according to your changing preferences. This means you’ll never need to purchase a brand new mattress, but simply replace modular components as they wear out. Providing you a lifetime of comfort and use. Contact us today to start designing your perfect sleep!